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7 Special Tips To Improve Your Patio For The Summer

Deck being pressure wash by the expert pressure cleaning company in Melton VIC.

Summertime is an opportunity to appreciate nature, and what better place than on your patio to do just that? These seven tips can help make it more inviting – whether adding extra seating, creating dining space or pressure washing your space – or any combination of those things! So get out there and fully utilise your outdoor living space this season.


Add Flowers/Plants 

Adding plants and flowers is one of the easiest and fastest ways to bring life and colour to your patio. Potted plants make this task especially easy as they can easily be moved around depending on where the sun shines; opt for plants like succulents, petunias, impatiens and marigolds which thrive under full sun conditions.


Bring Outdoor Rugs and Furniture

Outdoor rugs and furniture can add comfort and style to your patio space, helping create the impression that it is an extension of your indoor living space. There is an assortment of materials for outdoor furniture available so that you can select what best meets your needs and tastes.


Add Lighting

Lighting can add ambience and flair to your patio space and can be strung from trees, posts or even the eaves of your house. Solar-powered lights make installing them simple without needing an outlet nearby.


Create a Focal Point

Adding visual interest to your patio is simple and cost-effective by creating a focal point – like a fire pit, water feature, art or furniture – as part of an entertaining outdoor area. A focal point makes your space inviting and can act as an informal meeting spot between friends and family.


Add Curtains

Hanging curtains effectively provides more privacy on your patio, creating the impression that it extends your indoor living space further outdoors. Curtains also shield you from harmful UV rays – select light-coloured fabrics that allow some light to filter through.


Add an Awning

An awning is a practical shade addition if your patio receives direct sunlight. Awnings come in various colours and styles, so you’re sure to find one that complements the style of your home and garden. Permanent installations or removable models are possible, so when the temperature cools off, you can take them down when necessary.


Pressure Wash it

Pressure washing  can restore any neglected patio, eliminating dirt, grime, and pollen collected over time. Hire a professional pressure cleaner specialising in pressure cleaning methods for the best results.


Patios can be great places to unwind in the warm sun, and with these seven tips for making yours more inviting, you can make it look fantastic. From adding plants and flowers to using outdoor rugs and furniture and pressure washing it, you can add character and warmth to your outdoor space this summer! So get started and enjoy it all season long!


For an effortless patio cleanup, contact us and pressure wash it! We can remove all dirt, grime and pollen built up over time, leaving it looking brand new again! Contact us at 03 9118 0606 to learn more today!

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