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Window Cleaning Melton, VIC

Windows provide our homes and buildings with fresh air, light and warmth, and act as a portal to the outside world. A crystal clean window will instantly rejuvenate and transform the appearance of any home or building. 


Unfortunately, windows can very quickly become covered in dirt and grime due to pollution in the air. Combine this dirt and grime with algae and mildew, and before long, once crystal clear glass is transformed into dull, grimy, unsightly glass. Windows can be challenging to clean, yet to keep them in pristine order, your windows do require regular cleaning and maintenance.

The exterior windows being pressure cleaned with pressure washer in Melton, VIC.
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Melton Pressure Cleaning is your local window cleaning expert. We will clean both the interior and exterior of your windows, wipe the window frames and sills, and remove any unsightly cobwebs. At Melton Pressure Cleaning, we use only the recommended tools and equipment. Our staff are fully trained in operating the equipment correctly on your potentially fragile and delicate window areas. We specialise in both interior and exterior window cleaning for residential and commercial properties.


Pressure washing is a highly effective way to clean built-up grime, algae and mildew on windows. However, there is the potential for shattered glass and mess if the process is not carried out correctly! For this reason, it is advisable to engage only trained and skilled professionals such as Melton Pressure Cleaning for this delicate job.


As well as a pressure cleaner, we use the Karcher pressure washer to ensure your windows are cleaned to the highest professional standard. This highly effective window cleaner guarantees a streak and drip-free finish, using a method of electric suction to ensure no mess or water residue once the job is complete.


Regular window cleaning helps to:


  • Keep dust and allergens away
  • Prevent mineral build-up
  • Prevent damage from debris
  • Improve the aesthetics of your building
  • Increase the window’s lifespan

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The benefits of regular window cleaning

Our pressure washer will get into any hard-to-reach spots and thoroughly clean all of your window surfaces. We’ll leave your windows clean, dry and streak-free, giving your home or building a fresh and clean feel. As well as being left amazed at the amount of new light flowing through, you’ll be saved precious hours of manual scrubbing, washing and wiping down AND relieved of any safety concerns that come with cleaning high, awkward or hard-to-reach windows. 


A professional window clean with Melton Pressure Cleaning will leave you with:


  • A clean, crystal-clear finish to your windows
  • An increase to the lifespan of your windows
  • An instant rejuvenation for your property
  • A cleaner, healthier feel for your property
  • Precious hours to gaze through your newly cleaned windows


Just like gutter cleaning, regular window clean is a must to help maintain a clean, fresh look, along with an inviting and welcoming feel to your home or commercial building. Contact Melton Pressure Cleaning today on 03 9118 0606  for all of your window cleaning needs.