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Backyard pools need regular maintenance. Regular cleaning and maintenance will not only keep your pool looking its best, but it will also ensure that it is always safe and ready for use. Keeping your pool clean and sanitised is just as important in the cold winter months as it is in the warm and hot summer months. Pressure cleaning will help to keep your pool clean, sanitised and safe to use. Keeping your pool clean and sanitised all year round can save you time, money and effort during the peak summer swimming season.


Pressure cleaning is the answer to your pool cleaning needs! A pressure wash will not only save you many hours of effort, but it will also give you a detailed and thorough clean that cannot be found with regular washing and scrubbing. Therefore, you may wish to consider regular pressure washes during the swimming season. At Melton Pressure Cleaning, we use only the finest pool cleaner equipment. As a result, our work is of the highest quality; we always pride ourselves on delivering a fast, efficient, and cost-effective service.

The swimming pool area of a residential home being cleaned by professional pressure washer in Melton, VIC.
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The benefits of regular pool cleaning

  • Remove dirt, build-up and impurities from in and around the pool
  • Prevent the growth of bacteria
  • Prevent the growth of potentially harmful algae
  • Prevent costly repairs to your pool
  • Improve the aesthetics of your pool and surrounding areas
  • Prolong the life of your pool

When it comes to your pool, Melton Pressure Cleaning are your local deep cleaning expert!

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Pressure washing will help keep your pool clean and sanitised by removing dirt and build-up from both in and around the pool area. In addition, it will blast potentially harmful impurities from the inside and outer edges of your pool, keeping it clean, safe and ready to use. Even in chlorinated water, grime and impurities can build up on the pool’s surfaces and the build-up from surrounding trees – such as leaves and insects. The walls of the pool will also likely be comprised of build-up from algae, fungi, mould, limestone and bird droppings. So naturally, nobody wants to dive into a pool filled with such nasties!


Our Pool Cleaning Specialties

  • Swimming pool cleaning
  • Pool tile cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Residential cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning


Algae can be particularly problematic for your pool due to its ability to rapidly multiply. Left untreated, algae can very quickly turn into an out-of-control issue for your pool. The high-pressure water in our pressure cleaning system will effectively and rapidly detach and remove algae at its source and keep it out of the filter system. Our pressure washer will quickly get into any hard-to-reach spots in both your pool and surrounding area, thanks to a range of accessories especially equipped to remove various types of dirt and nasty build-up.


Is your pool in need of some TLC? Contact Melton Pressure Cleaning today on 03 9118 0606 now. We also do roof cleaning in Melton VIC, get in touch to learn more about how to help keep your pool, property and roof clean, safe and ready for use all year round.